Balut - a childhood nightmare

Saw somebody post this on my twitter and I almost barfed.

I was never a big fan of eating balut growing up but almost my whole family are. Every time they hear the street vendor saying "balut!!! Balut!!! Bili na kayo ng balut" (balut!!! Balut!!! Come buy some balut) I see my siblings looking at each other and it's almost like telling each other who's turn is it to ask for money from my mom. As for me, I don't want anything to do with it.

I tried it before a couple of times but all I eat is the yellow part and probably nibble around with the bottom part which is as hard as a rock or the juice inside it. Haha! I can't set my eyes to the "sisiw" (which is an Embryo of a duck) but my siblings loves it. Gag! All I can think of is what if it comes alive and spreads it's wings down your throat and comes back out of your mouth. Lmao! How about the hairy texture of it or just the thought of eating the "sisiw". Are you supposed to chew it and just feel it all over your mouth or just swallow it straight on.

I don't know and I don't wanna know. I haven't seen balut in years after moving in the states. What's funny is that they have balut in the show Fear Factor and I would always say "oh I can do that, that too" but when the balut comes out which comes from my country I would say " oh hell no! I'm out!" lol!

Have you ever tried Balut? What do you think?

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  1. Not bad if you eat in the dark after several bottles of Red Horse.

  2. heck no! i would never! or maybe i would at least ones in my life. eeeek!