Xbox 360 Kinect Dance Central

I never grew up playing video games but when I play it when it's there and feel like it. But with the technology just evolving so fast, I can't miss the opportunity to try some games once in awhile.

Xbox 360 Kinect. O-M-G! This thing is addicting! No controllers required just you and this censor thingie to make control the game.

One of my favorites is dance central. My friend invited us over to Get together and try it out. We all started on the easy category Moving our way up to medium and hard. The songs are pretty much up to date on today's pop hits and some long time favorites.

Once the Lady GaGa tunes was on I can't help it but try and rock out some dance moves. I ended up kicking my friends ass one by one.

Here's the scores...

It's not big time but it's not bad for somebody who doesn't do choreographed dance at all. Haha! And the best way to play it are with friends and lil bit of alcohol. Juz sayin! Lol!

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