The Promised Snow V

I was in a hurry getting ready for work this morning because of the snow last night. I peeked outside my window just to see how bad was it after almost a whole night of snow. It didnt look bad, the roads was pretty clear and of course it was raining.

I decided to take the bus to work and walked up Mount Seneca. Now DAMN! I was glad the the snow was melting from the rain but it was suuuper slushy everywhere! My trusted rain boots couldnt even hand it and felt like i was walking on slurpee. By the time that I got to work my socks felt like it was all wet. It was NASTY!

#FML moment:
I was rushing home after work so I can see my mom before she leaves for work. I went the the parking lot at Mount Madison where I normally park. Next think you know, I couldnt find my car and was starting to freak out. I then realized that I didnt drive today and just laughed at myself deep inside. My walk wasnt so bad, a lil bit windy and chilly but nothing that a thin coat cant handle. On my walk home, I noticed the big 12 sign at the Columbia Tower and flashbacks from the Seahawks game vs New Orleans Saints. Of course, I had to snap a picture.

I leave for New Orleans tomorrow and trying to pack. But I realized all our luggages are with my brother and he is back home in the Philippines for vacation. Now im search for a luggage. Should I just use a small luggage? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

not using xoxo,

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