Spotted: Charice Pempengco in Los Angeles

I'm a Charice fan, I admit that!

So when a friend of mine posted on facebook two nights ago that he saw Charice Pempengco down in Los Angeles I got super excited and probably jealous that he got to meet her. Where? At this Thai restaurant named Red Corner Asia (RCA) which is like my friends from LA favorite spot after volleyball.

My friend Aaron and Charice
at RCA

I then asked him to post a pic on his facebook just to check. HAHA! Maybe its the wrong "Cherice" as he spelled it. To my surprise it was really her.

I really cant wait for her to get on Glee again. They probably took some scenes at Bernstein Highschool where we played a tournament ones and my friends would play open gym most of the time.

not using xoxo,


  1. Kwel! Love it! Can't wait 4 Cha to b in Glee again!

  2. Lucky guy to have a photo taken with Charice!
    Would like to see her in Glee soon.

  3. at least now we know that she is in LA and hoping that she is taping her 5 episodes in Glee!
    Thanks for reading you guys!

  4. yeah she flew in from the enchanted kingdom gig straight to L.A. to sing in a david foster charity gig in pasadena. many fans saw her at the airport.