Vice Ganda and Paulo Hubalde

I barely have time to watch this show or even TFC but when I'm at my parents place, I definitely watch some of the Filipino shows. But this one came up ... Paulo Hubalde, a professional basketball player in the Philippines was the first new judge for 2011. Of course, the main judge Vice Ganda who is a regular and couldn't be convicted as a judge had to jump right in and flirt with the basketball hunk. Who wouldn't right? Medium skin, nice built and a gentleman, I wouldn't resist myself.

Unfortunately, after a week of judging, the supporters of the show has to vote on which judge to convict and it was Paulo's time right away. I definitely followed the whole week of teasing, play time and jokes around how they flirt with each other. I think Vice Ganda definitely liked Paulo Hubalde (again, who wouldn't). You can totally tell from her reactions and body language.

Here is a video compiled and posted on YouTube by another fan of the show. This is the compilation of what sums up on what happened for a week of my obsession. Haha!

video by yetkl2

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