Bekimon series: Junakis REVEALED!!!

Bekimon finally revealed who is behind "Junakis'" voice is. I've known who he was for the longest time after suspecting one of Bekimon's followers comment on YouTube saying that Junakis is this Indie Actor who WAS Bekimons BFF.

It is not fresh news to a lot of Bekimon aka Mudak's followers that he had a falling out with the original Junakis and later on reconciled. But lately Bern (Mudaks real name) has been really emotional with a lot of his facebook status updates and on twitter talking a lot about friendship.

I was in shock today while checking on my twitter that Bern finally came out and revealed who is the face behind that soothing voice of Junakis. His name is Darwin Taylo, an indie actor in the Philippines who also started in a call center just like Mudak before making it to the small screen/big screen.

photo taken by Mudak

Darwin Taylo is probably best know staring in the Indie film titled "Parisukat" playing a role of a transsexual.

via facebook

via twitter

All I'm hoping for is that whatever Bern aka Mudak aka Bekimon (phew!) would pass all this negativity that is going through his life. His career is looking so good right now that things like this shouldn't stop him from whatever he is doing. He has a lot of things ahead for him on top of starring on one of the highest rated shows in the Philippines and some hosting gigs.

Keep your chin up and soar thru your goals Mudak!!!

as a celebration of Bekimon, here is a video of Junakis singing on one of their last videos... ENJOY!

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