Grandma's "LV"

as you can tell its not really "LV"
the print is quite crooked. LOL!

I leave for New Orleans tomorrow and realized that all our luggage are with my brother and he is back home in the Philippines for vacation/work. I sent my mom a text as I remembered her saying that Grandma has extra luggages. I went upstairs (yes, my parents lives across from my apartment and my grandma lives 4 floors up. Lol) and asked if he has a spare one. The first option she had for me was the smallest roller luggage in blue and I immediately said my stuff won't fit there. Lol! She then offered another one then BOOM! I see a "Louis Vuitton" luggage in medium roller.

Ok! Ok! It wasn't exactly LV but it cracks me up how she has one of this print. My grandma is so sassy and I realize I probably inherited being sassy from her. Oh! I forgot to mention its from Hongcouver, Japanada (Vancouver BC, Canada), go figure! lol!

Thanks Grandma! Love you!

not using xoxo,

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