I got into blogging again since i got my iPhone and found this app called Blogpress. It basically makes blogging easier and more convinient. I would blog about anything that I do, either from that moment or whenever my day ends.

Last night, I wanted to read on some of my entries from last year and to my dismay, I discovered that most of the pictures that I uploaded thru Blogpress disappeared. It just shows a blank square with a question mark in the middle. I then noticed that some of the pictures would show up but these are pictures posted using the web.

It makes me so mad coz I felt like the blog entries wont give justice not unless my pictures were there. I even looked at twitter if they know any update about it and my suspicions were correct. Blogpress has a bug that posts from last year are affected.

Im hoping that they will fix this soon. I dont want to open another blog site eventhough im tempted too. I like the Blogger layout and how accesible it is for me to post something. And hopefully i get to see my pictures again which some i think is not saved on my computer.

Please! Please! Please! Blogpress... FIX THIS NOW!!!

not using xoxo,

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