Baked Potato day BUST!

Everybody at work are obsessed with our cafeteria Baked Potato bar or at least most of the ER staff does. I walked through the breakroom yesterday and saw one of the secretaries eating some baked potato and I immediately had to tell "Tina" (one of the RNs alter ego. lol) but the secretary in the breakroom told me "Oh! She already know and she even posted it on the whiteboard back there" (the whiteboard where we put pt's name and info". I had to grab my phone and witness it myself and take a picture and sure enough when I got back there, the sign was big enough for everybody to see. LOL!

It was crazy busy at work  yesterday and everybody was pretty backed up on taking their breaks. As soon as I had a chance to take mine, I looked at my phone and saw that its already 1:59pm. My legs automatically sprinted down the hallway and trying to make it to the cafeteria 2 floors down as fast as I can. Why? The chef spotlight/baked potato bar closes at 2 freakin PM! I saw the guy making it and asked but he already cleared out the area and all its left is the sour cream. After I placed the sign right on my face and got really MAD! (well deep inside at least)

So yah, there goes my fat rant! I'll make sure I wont miss it the next time. LOL!

not using xoxo,

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